Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Extra Notes

I'm gonna start talking about the importance of silhouette on week 2 and start going into simple
shape design.


Don't forget to label your homework when posting.  Make sure you label your name and week#

Class Demo

Hey guys!  Here's the class demos.  If you have any questions while you work, feel free to email me
ahead of time.  I know sometimes it's difficult to remember stuff.

For Homework finish the head chart which should come out to 13 heads.  Front, 3/4, side
looking up, looking all the way up, looking down, looking all the way down, 3/4 looking up,
3/4 looking down.

Draw 12 base heads after from reference.  Remember no facial details.  Just the base head shape.

Homework part 2 ( 25 figure lay ins.  Keep the drawings 5-10 min each.  I want you to slow down
and focus on the base head and base torso.  Don't rush.  If you only get a head and neck in 5 min,
that's fine.  As long as it's clear and solid.

Also please keep your drawings you did today.  We'll get to see your progress at week 8 :)